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About Us

Jutawan Muda Enterprise, better known as JUTAWAN to most of its associates and business partners, was incorporated in 1995. Over the years, JUTAWAN has gained prominence as a trusted and reliable manufacturer and exporter of Edible and Non Edible Palm Products worldwide.

JUTAWAN has been licensed by the Malaysian Government to handle and export Edible and Non Edible Palm Products. We have been actively supplying raw materials to various industries and factories around the world that utilizes palm oil and its derivatives to manufacture finished products. We have also extended our presence in the following countries with the establishment of associates companies in Indonesia, Australia, India, Sri Lanka and Bangladesh.

In addition to this, JUTAWAN also offers Cocoa Products, Coconut Products, Biomass and other commodities.

Our major clients include :-

  • Manufacturer of bakery, confectionery, pastry, cheese, food products and monoglycerides
  • Manufacturer & Supplier of animal feed
  • Manufacturer of soap, detergent, cosmetics and oral care products
  • Manufacturer of pharmaceuticals and pharmaceutical raw materials
  • Manufacturers of biofuel/biodiesel
  • Manufacturers of alkyed resin, urethanes, PVC
  • Tobacco Industries
  • Importers and Wholesalers

As a value added service to all customers we have also formed a cargo consolidation and product sourcing unit whereby we assist our buyers to procure products across Asia, consolidate and make shipment on their behalf.

JUTAWAN continuously develop products & services to satisfy our customers’ requirement and needs whenever possible.


  • Striving to serve our customers on a long term basis.
  • To develop new application for products based on customer requirement and needs.
  • To develop biomass stockpiles and application on a joint venture basis with our customers.
  • To establish and develop our “brands” and to ensure the delivery of safe and healthy premium quality products for our customers worldwide.
  • Product quality is always our primary concern as we believe in not selling products but instead selling brands. A reliable and stable brand will take you a long way.

What We Can Do For You

  • Supply of quality and safe products and reliable brands.
  • Contract Manufacturing
  • Product Sourcing
  • Cargo Consolidation and Transhipment Services

Through a concentrated effort and pre-determined purpose, we continuously aim to provide better service, higher quality products and faster response time.

You can be rest assured that we will continuously work to exceed your expectations and we welcome this challenge of supplying you the best products.

Our Brands

Jutawan Muda Enterprise SchwarzeMuller Palmeto
Palmeto Rumen Bypass Fat Palmeto Palm Kernel Feeds Nanmeto
Palmeto Pure Palm Fat For Animal Feed Palmeto Beauty Soap Wadi AlPunjab
Narsis Sunolin HumellCraft